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Mar 27, 2017

Shareable listeners, we have a treat for you this Monday, especially if you're a regular listener of Six Pixels of Separation with Mitch Joel like we are. We've got Joseph Jaffe on the show! Of course, you may recognize him from Jaffe and Joel, which is how we found him. He is the CEO and Founder of a company called Evol8tion, which is an innovation boutique in the business of helping corporates connect with early stage startups to solve real business problems. He’s also written four books. You may have heard of them: Life After the 30-Second Spot, Join the Conversation, Flip the Funnel, and Z.E.R.O. But before the books and the business, he was an agency man on Madison Avenue. But don't hold that against him. Jaffe really does spill the juice here on Shareable. Joseph and Jeff talk about pretty much everything: Joseph's journey, his struggle to accept advice, his role model (or lack of), and the general evolution of technology and our willingness to adopt it. This really is an incredible episode that you won't want to miss.