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Sep 25, 2017

Hello Shareable listeners! We've got a new episode for ya! Today on the show, we have Matt Rizzetta! Matt is the President and CEO of North 6 Agency, Inc. (N6A), leading brand communications agency based in New York City and Toronto. N6A has been ranked as one of fastest-growing agencies and one of the 50 most powerful agencies in the United States as well as one of the "coolest spaces at the hottest PR firms." Matt has been instrumental in developing N6A's internal and external KPI measurement system, and he's bringing all of that experience to us. He's going to walk us through how to build a company of millennials with a culture of customer service. If you're someone who's building a team of millennials or managing a team of millennials, or heck a millennial yourself, then this episode is worth a listen.