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Nov 20, 2017

Shareable listeners! We've reached the end of Season 2! Already!

We hope you've enjoyed all of the deep dives we brought your way on topics like sales, public speaking, leadership, management, and much more.

We felt it like it was only fitting to end the season with one of our favorite guests and our first guest, yes that's right, it's DOUG MOTHER F*CKING SANDLER!

Ya'll know Doug, but a lots been happening for him since we last spoke. His podcast, Nice Guys on Business, has reached over 1 million downloads! 1 MILLION. That's nuts. We're so proud! Him and Strickland have been crushing it.

And they've started a new venture called Turnkey podcasting, where they tailor make podcasts that showcase your expertise in your field.

Today's episode is more of a free-flowing discussion between Doug, Jeff, and Caroline, but we'll talk about building an audience, podcast production, and anything else that comes up along the way! We hope you enjoy because we sure did.