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Sep 3, 2021


Think Fast is a mini-episode featuring 10 rapid-fire questions.

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#189: Mic Swap hosted by Joe Sanok

Sep 2, 2021


The Mic Swap is an original Shareable idea where the guest becomes the host of the show, and Jeff becomes the guest. This gives you the chance to learn about Jeff from a variety of angles, and gives the guest the opportunity to ask questions from their domain of expertise.

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#188: Thursday is the New Friday with Joe Sanok

Sep 1, 2021

Joe Sanok, is author of the new book, Thursday is the New Friday with the tagline How to work fewer hours, make more money, and spend time doing what you want.

In this book, Joe empowers readers with a practical, evidence-based methodology to create their own work schedule and dedicate more of their precious personal...